Model Rocketry Links

Launch Calendar

Central Texas Launch Calendar courtesy of Art Applewhite

Great Online Resources an awesome sight with MANY links and price summaries
Model Rocketry FAQ answers many many questions
Rocketry Top 50 the best of the best
RocketryOnline model rocketry news and articles
InfoCentral model rocketry how-to articles Rocket engine performance data
Essence's Model Rocket Reviews reviews of rocket kits and equipment

National Organizations

National Association of Rocketry
Tripoli Rocketry Association

National Rocketry Events

LDRS22 (Large Dangerous Rocket Ships) 7/17-7/22 2003 Argonia KS
NARAM-46 7/31-8/6 2004, The Plains, Virginia
BALLS 2003 9/19-9/21 2003 Black Rock Lake, NV

Texas Rocketry Clubs and Chapters of NAR and Tripoli

Austin Area Rocketry Group
Tripoli Austin
Dallas Area Rocketry Society
Panhandle Of Texas Rocketry Society
San Antonio Rocket Society
NASA/Houston Rocket Club

Model Rocket Manufacturer Websites

Estes Everyone starts with Estes
Aerotech midpower kits and motors
LOC Great midpower kits, minimal instructions
Public Enemy Rockets
Public Missiles
Vaughn Brothers/
Binder Design high power rocket kits

Model Rocket Retailers

Art Applewhite Rockets flying saucer specialist
Magnum Rockets
Hawk Mountain fiberglass rockets and parts
A2Z Hobbies
Apogee Components Model Rockets
Discount Rocketry
Hobby Connection
Hobby Linc
Hobby Town
New Horizons Hobbies
Zep Hobby
coast rocketry
DGA rockets home of the L3 Armageddon
Skunkworks great L2 and L3 kits high power kits and parts
dynacom fiberglass parts and high power kits

Rocket Motors

Pro38 Cesaroni Pro38 motors and hardware
Animal Motor Works
Dr Rocket motor casings for aerotec reloads
CLE Enterprises Rocket Motors and Reloads
Ellis Mountain Rocket Works
Trailing Edge Technologies Rocket Motors and Reloads


Quickburst igniters
Igniterman Igniter kits: Aerocon systems, Pratt Hobbies, Hobby Connections

Parts and Accessories

Giant Leap Rocketry Lot's of parts for high power builders
Rocketman Recovery Systems Great parachutes and misc
Aeropack motor retainers
Rail Buttons
Performance Rocketry custom fiberglass parts - long unpredictable delivery times but good quality


Missileworks RRC² WRC² PET²
adept rocketry electronics: altimeters, accelerometers, etc
Blacksky AltAcc2 and Timer2
Olsen altimeter w/LCD readout
Ramsey Electronics MR6 - Model Rocket Tracking Transmitter Kit - cheap low power
Marshall Radio Radio tracking system for animals but great for rockets too
Walston Retrieval Systems radio direction & range finder 800-657-4672

Experimental and Hybrid Rocketry

John Wickman's Experimental Rocketry Site (CP Technologies) emphasis on AP and AN composite motors
Richard Nakka's Amateur Experimental Rocketry Site emphasis on "candy" motors
HyperTek Hybrids commercial hybrid motors
Pratt Hobbies hybrid rocket motors and ground equipment
Aerocon systems supplies and equipment for experimental rocketry
Mostly Missiles hardware and propellant for experimental APCP motors
Loki Research hardware for experimental APCP motors
Darren "JAMSTAR" Wright's site
Ted Proseus's Site
Sean McAndrew's Site
Mike Bennett Rocketry Site
Terry McCreary's Site
pyrotechnic companies for motor chemicals: pyrotek, firefox

Great Personal Rocketry Sites

Team Vatsaas Rocketry A must see!!
Brittain Fraley's Rocketry Site great rocket videos
Video Rocketry
HighRF Rocketry Gallery many pictures and videos
John Coker's Rocketry Pages great fleet and lots of big rocket how-to articles
Pretto Brothers Rocketry


Gougeon Brothers Manufacturer of West Systems and ProSet epoxy
Aircraft Spruce
Frank Weston's EBay auctions
US Composites
Aerospace Composite Products
The Composites Store
Fibre Glast Developments Corporation
Mr. Fiberglass


Smallparts good source for nylon bolts for shearpins
Scratchbuilt V-2 using LOC nosecone for boattail
Water Rockets something completely different and yet somehow the same
wirelessvideocamera for rockets
A great archive of production kit plans
Magnum Rockets Type 4 Explosives Magazine
iPilot Weather forecasts with ceilings

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