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Parent Directory - Bacon and Egg Bake.jpg 13-Sep-2008 12:26 71K Baked Crabmeat or Ch..> 13-Sep-2008 12:26 52K Baked Ribs and Sauer..> 13-Sep-2008 12:26 76K Beef Stroganoff.jpg 26-Nov-2008 17:08 183K Beef and Potato Cass..> 13-Sep-2008 12:26 78K Bengal Tigers.jpg 13-Sep-2008 12:26 85K Cajun Meat Loaf.jpg 01-Sep-2008 10:21 113K Chicken Casserole.jpg 13-Sep-2008 12:26 131K Chicken Mornay.jpg 13-Sep-2008 12:26 82K Chicken Parmesan.jpg 01-Sep-2008 11:42 63K Chicken Parmigiana.jpg 13-Sep-2008 12:27 360K Chicken Penne part 1..> 01-Sep-2008 11:42 185K Chicken Penne part 2..> 01-Sep-2008 11:42 160K Chicken or Tuna Turn..> 13-Sep-2008 12:26 267K Corned Beef Bake.jpg 01-Sep-2008 11:42 195K Corned Beef Squares.jpg 01-Sep-2008 11:42 138K Crab Cakes.jpg 01-Sep-2008 11:42 109K Creamy Chicken and B..> 13-Sep-2008 12:27 89K Deviled Corn and Cra..> 01-Sep-2008 11:42 183K Elephant Stew.jpg 01-Sep-2008 11:42 110K Fried Chicken Cream ..> 01-Sep-2008 11:41 82K Ham 'n Cheese Deligh..> 01-Sep-2008 11:41 90K Ham Rolls.jpg 26-Nov-2008 17:08 76K Ham and Potatos au G..> 13-Sep-2008 12:27 37K Hungarian Cabbage ro..> 26-Nov-2008 17:08 226K Hungarian Goulash.jpg 26-Nov-2008 17:08 169K Lazy Paella.jpg 01-Sep-2008 11:42 155K Mexicali Casserole.jpg 01-Sep-2008 11:42 136K Miriam's Crabcakes.jpg 09-Sep-2008 19:59 28K Mom's Chili.jpg 01-Sep-2008 11:42 55K Oven Fried Chicken.jpg 01-Sep-2008 11:42 95K Patty's Chicken Bake..> 13-Sep-2008 12:27 74K Perfect Fried Chicke..> 01-Sep-2008 11:42 170K Pork Chops Florentin..> 26-Nov-2008 17:08 219K Pork Chops Florentin..> 13-Sep-2008 12:27 67K Quiche Lorraine.jpg 26-Nov-2008 17:08 190K Sausage and Egg Cass..> 13-Sep-2008 12:27 70K Seafood Casserole.jpg 01-Sep-2008 10:21 88K Spaghetti Pie.jpg 13-Sep-2008 12:27 99K Spaghetti with Bacon..> 26-Nov-2008 17:08 70K Steak Sauce.jpg 26-Nov-2008 17:08 98K Stuffed Manicotti.jpg 01-Sep-2008 11:42 196K Tomato-Avocado Sandw..> 01-Sep-2008 11:42 123K Tuna Italian.jpg 01-Sep-2008 11:42 141K Veal Parmigiano.jpg 26-Nov-2008 17:08 219K Wiener Bean Pot.jpg 01-Sep-2008 11:42 98K Wine and Cheese Souf..> 13-Sep-2008 12:27 143K